COVID-19 and Pets/Animals

Some pets around the world have been reported to have COVID-19, including the United States, especially after close contact with individuals with Corona. Other cases of Corona in animals include: - Some lions and tigers at a New York zoo had positive SARS-CoV-2 They had symptoms of respiratory illness. (Reported) - SARS-CoV-2 was found in mink (which are firmly identified with ferrets) on different ranches in the Netherlands. - Right now, there is no proof that animals, especially pets like cats and dogs assume a notable role in spreading the infection that causes COVID-19.

Because of the restricted data accessible to date, the risk of pets spreading COVID-19 to humans is quite low. (Reported)

COVID-19 and Pets/Animals

According to CDC; More research is expected to comprehend how various pets could be influenced by COVID-19. We are as yet finding out about this infection, yet it can spread from individuals to animals in certain circumstances. Corona's suffered pets may become ill or they probably won't have any symptoms. Of the pets that have become ill, most just had a gentle ailment and completely recovered. (CDC) Under exploratory conditions, neither chickens nor pigs were seen as susceptible to infection with SARS-CoV-2. As indicated by the present status of information, they are not influenced by the infection and in this way don't represent a likely hazard to human health. (Reported)

Preventive measures for those who have Pets: I believe that our pets are like our other family members we should take care of them in the proper way to keep them healthy. Until we get familiar with how this infection infects animals, treat them properly, and provide them protection against this virus.

Physical distancing is a key deterrent measure. Health experts suggest keeping your pet away from other animals and household things.

According to the CDC: - Walk dogs on a leash at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from others. - Avoid public places where a large number of people gather. - Do not put face coverings on pets. Covering a pet’s face could harm them.

If you have Corona then; Precautions to taken for Coronavirus:

- While you are sick because of this pandemic, ask your other family member/friend or relative to take care of your pets. - Keep away from contact with your pet including petting, cuddling, being kissed, sharing food, and resting in a similar bed.

- Wear a face mask or face covering when you're around your animal, and wash your hands before and after you handle them.