Bay leaf (Tejpatta/tezpatta)

Guys, do you know Bay leaf (Tejpatta) enhance your beauty and also used as medicine??

In Pakistan and in India the bay leaves which are commonly known as “tezpatta” in Pakistan and “tejpatta”in India, has great importance in form of garam masala and as a whole used in many mouth-watering dishes like biryani, korma for aroma and for decorative purpose. The fragrance of the bay leaf is sweet which is more noticeable than its taste. Bay Leaves are often used in flavored soup and in a stew in the Mediterranean cuisine and beans in Brazil's food. Basically, it is an important part of Moghulai dishes.

Bay Leaf (Tejpatta/tezpatta)

Bay leaf has many benefits including health and beauty; it helps to detoxify your body, slow down the aging process, provide protection against bacteria and fungus, manages your blood sugar level in case of diabetes, improves heart health and optimizes digestions, has astringent properties etc.

So what have you decided to add bay leaves in your daily cuisine?

Further Bay Leaves are used in aromatherapy; in the herbal treatment, they have an excellent result to treat skin and respiratory conditions. Its oil is used in the treatment of different ailments.

This article is helpful in creating awareness of the bay leaf and how easily and often the bay leaf is evoked under various situations or circumstances.

Varieties of Bay leaves:

1. Laurus Nobilis: The true bay leaf is scientifically known as Laurus nobilis; basil is also used as its substitute. It originates from the evergreen bay laurel tree, native to the Mediterranean.

2. Umbellularia californica: Same variety like that of Mediterranean bay leaves, but has the sharp flavor, less pungent and cultivated in California.

3. Cinnamomum tamala, Lauraceae: This is Indian bay leaf, found in Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China It has three prominent veins and olive green color while the fragrance is somewhat like a cinnamon bar with a bitter taste.

4. Syzgium polyanthum: Indonesian Bay leaf used, in non vegetarian dishes mostly.

5. Pimenta racemos: West Indian bay leaf used to produce Bay rum.

Components present in Bay Leaf:

Bay leaf contains about 1.3% essential oils (ol. lauri folii), consisting of 45% eucalyptol, 12% other terpenes, 8-12% terpinyl acetate, 3–4% sesquiterpenes, 3% methyleugenol, and other α- and β-pinenes, phellandrene, linalool, geraniol, and terpineol, contains lauric acid also.

Nutritional Facts:

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)


Bay Leaves for Diabetes Treatment and Maintain Cholesterol Level:

Consumption of bay leaves, 1 to 3 g/d ground and roasted powder or capsules a for 30 days, decrease risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and suggests that bay leaves may be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes.

Study conduct in the year if 2009 shows that total cholesterol decreased, 20 to 24%, after 30 days with decreases in LDL the bad cholesterol of 32 to 40%. Good cholesterol increased 20%-29% and 20% while triglycerides also decreased 25-34% after use of the bay leaf. You can find a full study by clicking here

Another study shows cookies containing bay leaf powder at 6% (w/w) (100g wheat flour containing 6gm bay leaf powder) induces a reduced glycemic response. Click here to get full study.

This result is because of bay leaf antioxidant properties that make process of insulin more efficient.

Remember monitoring of blood sugar level is required by a healthcare professional. Take advice from your physician if you are on other hypoglycemic drugs.

Bay Leaves for Fever:

The leaf extract at oral doses of 100, 200 and 300 mg/kg, showed significant reduction in normal body temperature. The effect also extended up to 5 hours after the drug administration. Click here for full study.

Reduce Stress with Bay Leaf Aroma therapy:

Aromatherapy that contains bay leaves is helpful to reduces the level of stress and depression because of presence of Linalool, which reduce level of stress hormone.

By the use of Bay leaf, you can calm down and relaxed yourself.

Relaxing Bay Leaf Tea:


1-2 tea spoon of bay leaf powder

1 cup of water


Add leaf powder in boiling water. Strain the tea before drinking.

Bay leaf for Women health:

Bay leaf cleans mother milk by removing toxins present in the breast of mom, but it should be used with caution in moms to be as in past bay leaf was used to abortion. The smoke of bay leaf in the delivery of childbirth. Bay leaves are also helpful to regulate menstruation.

Bay leaf for Digestion:

Bay leaf has antiulcerant properties, aid in digestion by increasing production of gastric secretions. They also cure the disease of the anus and the large intestine and help to expel gas from intestine. Bay leaf cures mouth odor due to the stomach disorder.

Add a bay leaf in the whole ground form in your daily cuisine to get good results.

Slur/Stammer Speech treat by Bay leaf:

Place the piece of the bay leaf under your tongue, will improve your speech disorder.

Make your Teeth Healthy with Bay leaf:

Addition of bay leaf powder in tooth powder is helpful to kill bacteria and make your teeth healthy.

Skin Rashes:

Apply a paste of bay leaf powder to treat skin irritation.

Treat Respiratory Condition:

Apply oil of bay leaf on the chest and leave it for overnight. Bay leaf has antibacterial and mucolytic activity that loosens up phlegm and eliminates dangerous bacteria.

Prevent Cancer with Bay Leaf:

Bay leaf contains phytonutrients, linalool, catechins, and parthenolide, helps to protect the body from the effects of free radicals as they are free radicals scavengers and provide the protection you against cancer.

To repel Cockroaches:

I don’t like insects especially cockroaches in kitchen cupboards, hope you guys also not. To repel insects spread bay leaf powder in your kitchen cabinets and other infested area.

To Fight Against Dandruff:

Soak bay leaves in water then rub them on your scalp to remove dandruff after shampooing leave this paste on your head for about half hour then wash with water.

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