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Welcome to Health with Spices. The main goal of health with spices team members is to always make you satisfied. Nowadays our skin/body is affected by many factors, including our environment, health, the food we eat, and more. All things are artificial and inorganic, cosmetics which usually contain chemicals which are dangerous for your skin in the same way with medicine like you take to treat your toothache it normally causes acidity.
By this website "Health with spices" me Dr.Nadia Danish, is here to help you out by giving you tips to take care of yourselves by your daily used spices in a natural way.
Natural things are good enough to make yourself healthy but if you take them in the right proportion :) this is the important suggestion from health with spices.
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

I have shared here the number of articles that help you out to resolve your health and beauty related issues...

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  2. Bay leaf (Tejpatta/tezpatta)

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  11. Hair Care Tips for Men and Women

  12. Recipes and Benefits of Detox Water

  13. Home Remedy for UTI

  14. Food to Control Cholesterol

  15. Low Calories Diet Plan | 1200 Calories Diet Plan

  16. Ways to reduce Triglycerides

  17. Men are more vulnerable to Coronavirus

  18. Coronavirus Myths and their Realities

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  20. Dandruff Treatments and Reality

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  27. COVID-19 and Pets/Animals

  28. Home Treatment for Osteoporosis (الو بخارا! آسٹیوپوروسس کا علاج)

  29. Tips for Sparkling and Fresh Skin

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Health with Spices

The Full Story

We are living in V.U.C.A (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world, where everything is changed fast and we are facing different unexpected challenges of unexpected duration. Now there is ambiguity even in the casual relationship and we face "unknown and unknown". People are busy running with these world's changes to make them self-updated, we don't have time to rush to the hospital in case of any side effect due to the use of cosmetics contains chemicals and other medicines.
In this fast-moving scenario, the whole atmosphere is polluted due to heavy traffic on road, smoke, and industries. Air pollution is associated with skin aging and inflammation or skin conditions such as aging signs, black spots, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, which may lead to skin cancer the most serious effect.
Further people are taking more stress because of the number of reasons like divorce, not getting a good job, breakup from girl/boyfriend, infertility, domestic politics, business loss, changes in tariffs, regulatory environment, and inflation, etc. This stress plays an important role to make you ill as stress suppresses the immune system, which makes it easier for you to get sick and harder to fight off bugs. 
I launched this blogging website (health with spices) because I am also like you, I had a busy schedule i.e. went to the office, working on my YouTube cooking channel which is related to cooking, University and to take care of my family. I didn't have time to move to skin consultants and physicians because due to workload I noticed that my complexion is getting down day by day.
Then suddenly an idea came to my mind that why do not I start to use the benefits of spices that I learned in my Pharmacognosy class.
Now I always look fresh and ready to face the world confidently all time.


Spice has power of healing

Spices make you beautiful

Dr.Nadia Danish (RPh)

Share your views with me. Add any tip to serve others in my blogs of Health with Spices.

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